Ian Hockley

Ian Hockley

English by birth but naturalizing as an American Citizen, I moved to the US with my wife Nicole (who is from Rhode Island) and our sons Jake and Dylan in 2011. We chose Newtown to live in, and Sandy Hook School for the children to attend, as it seemed perfect. That perfection was shattered on December 14, 2012. We founded Dylan’s Wings of Change, devoted to children with autism and other special needs.

I began running in April 2012 with local 5K races. In 2013 I completed two half marathons, in Manhattan and Philadelphia, as well as the Cape Cod Ragnar relay. I am thrilled to be running Ragnar again in 2014 with these wonderful people. If Ragnar goes well I will train for the New York Marathon in November.

I have met many great friends through training at Extreme Fitness Martial Arts club in Newtown, and running has become a source of healing as we recover from the loss of Dylan. Nothing can prepare you for the death of a child; to go on you have to draw on the strength offered by those around you and decide how you will respond. I am determined to bring Change.

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